This body this of work began with a series of medical eye scans and the visceral experience of distorted vision. The vision of one of my eyes suddenly and alarmingly changed – anything linear curved and bulged. 

Science used advanced optics to ‘look’ deep into my eye and revealed a delicate and beautiful tracery of veins, the layered landscape of the retina. The diagnosis was - ‘an enigma’; ‘’a surprise event’. 

The embodied experience was multi-layered, visceral and full of dread. Blood pressure skyrocketed, panic flooded all thoughts and fear warped all understanding.

These paintings emerged from the boundary between the scientific ‘truth’ (the scans, the structure of the eye, how we ‘see’) and the inner perceiving intelligence of my experience (another form of ‘truth’). They explore the transformation of experience through finding insight and beauty in the darkest of places.   

Grace Entangled
Presence Embodied
Darkness Reflected
Artist Books

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