In a small private wood in Northumberland is an avenue of ancient beech trees surrounded by yews and pines. Their burrs, bosses, wounds, fissures and folds of scar tissue speak of their lived history, their creative resilience and the strength that is folded into and grows out of vulnerability.

This body of work is the outcome of a two-year conversation with these trees. A dialogue carried out in pencil, paint, wax, fire, photographs, words and silence. Using a limited, muted palette and working on beech wood panels or with pieces of beech, I have tried to capture the organic, sinuous embodied presence of these trees. To show the beauty that is can be found in the healed scars and marks of time that is part of their graceful acceptance of beings-towards-death.

In a fast paced world that reaches for endless growth and perfection I came to know, through my conversation with these trees, the potential of a slower, more embodied way of being that is at home with ‘imperfection’ and embraces the potential to be found in vulnerability and ageing.

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Darkness Reflected
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