Grace Entangled

This body of work emerged from a two-year unfolding relationship with a line of ancient beech trees snaking through a Perthshire wood. The physical remnant of an old 17thcentury legal boundary, they stand as a fading reminder of our human interconnectedness with the landscape.

Caught by their graceful beauty, I became entangled in the cyclical rhythms and knotted lines that spiralled out, through and around the layers of ecology and cultural history. I sought to understand, through the creative process, something of the complex, intricate and ever changing web of relationships that is manifest in this Wood.

These artworks are my celebration of the mystery, grace and splendour of these old beech trees, my relationship with them and how, as transient living beings, we are entwined with and a part of the natural world.

“The world we inhabit, far from crystalized into fixed and final forms is a world of becoming’s, of fluxes and flows’ Tim Ingold

All images and content Copyright © Chris Partridge